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Work permit for H4 visa holder

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  • Work permit for H4 visa holder


    Iam here as a dependant on my husband who holds a H1B visa. I plan to apply for a visa status change so as to enable me to pursue a career here in the USA. Can someone tell me about the procedure and guide me. Pls share ur experience with me. I need to know the details about what visa type, docs, how and where to apply and time line i need to be prepared for. Iam planning to complete a professional course by next May. Would that make a difference to my application??

    Please help me on this. Thanx in advance for all ur help guys!!!


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    can someone pls`help??? thanx


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      some help pls


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        H4 - H1 Change of Status

        For changing your status from H4 to H1b, you must first find a sponsor company to sponsor your H1b visa. You can find these companies from your friends or even the company who sponsored your spouse's visa can do it.

        Pls ensure the following:

        You must possess

        1. the required 4yr Degree qualification
        2. genuine experience in the field you apply for job - min of 2 -3 yrs
        3. all credentials, exp certificates and other reqd documents to process
        4. pls visit the documentation requirements section of this website for H1b visa
        5. As the H1b quota for the current year ie Oct 2006-Sep 2007 has already reached the cap, you can apply during April 2007 for the next year quota. But remember to collect all the reqd docs and be ready to apply soon during 2007, as nobody can predict when the H1b quota would reach the cap.

        6. After identifying the sponsor company, speak to them for further process and other terms & conditions.

        For further help you can always visit these websites and other discussion forum.

        Best of Luck..


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          hey thanx on that. IS therer a way out to get a work visa without a sponsor???? I dont think an employer would go thru the pains of sponoring me withou a ready work visa.

          Thanx again


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            H4 to H1 change of status

            No way. You need an employer to sponsor your H1 visa. You said how can a sponsor agree to process without valid work visa. For a work visa ( u mean H1 visa) you need to have a H1 petition filed at USCIS for you by the sponsor and get it approved before you apply for H1 visa in your home country. Or when u come here in H4 visa, you can apply for change of status in US. For that u have to wait until Apr 2007 for the next yr quota.

            So visit job sites and find an employer to sponsor you and file H1 petition and get it approved. Have all your documents ready and go to US consulate in your region and get the H1 stamped. If you are already in US, you can start working from the date mentioned in the approval. You should get your H1 stamped in the PP, when you visit INDIA next time and enter US again on this new H1 stamp.

            Hope you are clear now..

            Best of Luck


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              several of my friend's wives have converted from an H4 to H1. Its very easy. In most of the cases, they had to pay $2500 H1b fees. Get all your paperwork ready.. copies of degree certificates, resume, passport copies. Right now the quota is over so you can file only in March 2007. Start looking for prospective employers on dice.com and other websites and ask them if they would sponsor your H1.