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Resending Documents to Consulate...Need Help

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  • Resending Documents to Consulate...Need Help

    My Wife (h4) got 221g earlier from chennai consulate and yesterday we recieved email from consulate to submit passport, dd and self-stamped envelope with D156 and D157 applications.

    1) Do I have submit other documents checked on 221g blue printout given along with these documents? (Like Original Notice of Action, Spouse's passport copies, Wedding photos and other )

    2) About D-156 Form, email suggested to get from http://travel.state.gov/ But they have electronic form ... you give all the information and it provides you pdf at the end.... does this submit info to consulate again...is it ok to use it or simply download empty pdf and fill.....in that case there is no barcode....is it ok.....

    3) Last question (little silly though) about self-stamped envlope....does any one send a pre-paid courier kind of envelope than regular usps...oops...IPS cover......

    If any one been in this situation...i appreciate your feedback on HOW LONG they usually take to get back.....