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221g(query:-itinerary of services and engagements.)can anyone of u plz help me.

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  • 221g(query:-itinerary of services and engagements.)can anyone of u plz help me.

    hi ,
    this is mahendra from hyderabad. i attended to consulate for 5 times(from NOV 3rd to till date). everytime they are asking for various documents finally last time they asked the below documents. can u plz help me in this issue.


    QUERY :

    A Complete itinerary of services or engagements specifying the dates of each service or engagement,the names and addresses of agent,the names and addresses of the actual employers,the names and addresses of the establishment,venues, or locations where the services will be performed.

    along with this query they asked me to get the lease agreement papers of the client,project description of the project,photographs of the client.

    but my employer had not given the photos of the client and the itinerary. so i want to know the meaning of the itinerary. some of my friends are saying that it is not travel itinerary. so plz help me in this issue.waiting for ur reply

    what i have to answer if the visa officer asked me about the photographs and itinerary. i want to say that "the client is not willing to give the photographs due to security reasons." is it enough for photographs query. then what i should answer if they asked for the itinerary.

    what are the documents i have to get from my employer regarding itinerary query?

    u can also mail to :
    [email protected]

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    Itenary of services means your employer needs to create a document which describes what kind of work will you be doing in the US. From 10/1/2006 - 12/31/2006 - You will be working on project A. Description of project A. Whom will you be reporting to. What are the responsibilities of the position...
    15 photographs of the client site (inside and outside). Ask your employer to send you the signed contracts between their company and their client stating that they need you to perform services for them and a description of those services.