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H4 - H1 Status change

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  • H4 - H1 Status change

    I am currently on H4 and I got my H1B approved recently but the approval notice said

    "On August 21, 2006 the appropriate American Consulate or port of entry
    was notified by cable, telephone, or fax of the approval of this case."

    Before my case was approved there was an RFE from the USCIS (INS) on why I was out of the country when my H1B petition was under review for which we responded with a new I-94 upon my arrival in the US. The case was subsequently approved but the approval notice had the wording above and the consulate notified was Chennai!

    Am I required to get my visa stamped in India before I could start working? Since I have been in the US since 2003 and had gone to India after applying for a status change, would they not consider my application as one made from the US? I had reentered the US on H4 before my H1B approval.
    Could some one who had a similar situation please answer this for me?

    Thanks a lot and I appreciate all the help

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    Could some one please help us?