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Regarding Experience Letter and Original Degree

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  • Regarding Experience Letter and Original Degree

    Dear Members,
    My H1 Petetion is approved (US consultancy filed petition for me) and I have H1 Interview in Jan '07 in Mumbai.
    I had 10 months of exp from COMP A in mumbai.
    I quitted that comp A without giving resignation as I signed a bond with that company.So I could not get exp letter from the company.But I have Offer Letter+Form 16+Salary Slips+Bank Statements for that 10 months.
    After that I joined company B during which US based Consulting company filed H1 for me.I submitted my Original M.Tech Degree and Marklists to COMP B.I have all my B.Tech and Other certificates with me.during that time I applied for Duplicate M.Tech Degree from my university and I got it now.Is it mandatory to have Original Degree.And one more thing is I can not produce exp letter from COM B also as I signed bond.But I can give resignation letter in COMP B.
    I can Show offer Letter+appointment letter+Form 16+Salary Slips+Conformation of employment which I got after my 6 months of work in Comp B.But I can not produce exp letter .

    Conclusion is I do not have exp letters from both the companies and my Original M.Tech degree.I have duplicate M.Tech degree and all other supporting documents except exp letter and Employment letters.
    How shall I proceed without bluffing.I have total 16 months of exp at present with good acedamics.Please advice me .I can not ask my employers for exp letters as I need to pay lakhs of rupees.
    I need your advices.
    Awaiting your replies.
    Thanks and regards,