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doubts regd change in name and 221(g)

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  • doubts regd change in name and 221(g)

    I have two doubts

    1) After going through the following site, which explains what exactly 221(g) is


    i have the following doubt

    What I understand is, If I get the visa, then I need to submit my passport, and my visa
    and passport will be sent to me by post.

    If there is a 221(g) aap, then I will get either a pink handout or blue handout.
    In the site its written not to contact the consulate office in case of blue handout.
    But then we know that we can get the additional documents, and without any visa
    appointment, can visit the consulate every monday, wednesday (i dont remember the exact
    weekdays)..between 10 am and 12 am. Then why is it mentioned not to contact them?

    What to do in case of pink handout? Then my passport will be with me only? Then do i
    need to just wait, wait and wait....?

    And again, from these forums, I saw VO asking someone to "post at the vfs box"..what is this?
    I did not get this "posting" thing..post the additional documents at their drop box at
    chennai itself?

    If I get the visa, then they ask me to pay the fees...where exactly to pay
    the fees? and how much is the fees? and what exactly is this "fees" for ?

    Please anyone clarify these doubts.

    2)My biggest doubt, in my petition, for my surname, the last word was spelt wrongly...I
    mentioned this to my employer, who said he applied for change of name...

    My petition has been approved on August 7, after that they applied for that change in
    name...normally i should get the papers in one month..but still I did not get my papers
    I am a bit worried regarding this..

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    I am listing out my interpretation of 221 G

    Blue forms are given under 3 instances :
    1) AAP(Additional Administrative processing)
    2) Additional Documents required (Drop box)
    3) Additional Documents required (Meet in Person)

    Pink Form - Not sure

    Visa processing fee is collected if issued a visa.


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      can u let me know did u correct the name and how long does it tooku

      Hi astra iam in the same situation as u can u letme know wht happened to ur case and how long does it took for u.