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No last name H1B. Please advice.

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  • No last name H1B. Please advice.

    I don't have a last name.My passport shows my name as Mahima. However, because of computer mandatory field I also use Mahima Chawla sometime. My consulting company filed by H1 and got I797 as "Mahima Chawla" while my passport shows "Mahima". My visa appointment is in 2 weeks, which I have taken as "Mahima".

    I am very confused. Should I try to get my name changed in passport or is it ok to have different name in H1 and passport?

    Kindly advice. Thank you .
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    can u let me know did u correct the name

    Hi mahima iam also having the same problem asu can let me know how did it work through for u was ur stamping succeful.Please lemme know as iam tryiing to know anyone who have already passed through this bad situation.