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working on H1 but also studying

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  • working on H1 but also studying

    hi all
    i have been working on H1 since last 1 year but m still continuing my MS in my univ. i m going for H!1 interview and stamping to canada in 4-5 days.
    i dont know if this is gonna b a problem for me tht i have yet not completed my masters ovr here in US.
    one more thing i did my masters degree in the same field in India too but have not yet got teh degree certificate .
    was wondering if these two issue r goona create some problem in my inetview and aproval
    plzzz advice ASAP as i m leaving to canada in 4-5 days

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    I am in the same category

    Hello Pooja,
    I have the same issue. Could you please let me know if you encountered any problems when you finish your appointment? Your response would be very much appreciated.