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H4 Stamping delayed - system error

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  • H4 Stamping delayed - system error


    My family went to the chennai consulate for H4. The passport and the DD we taken and they were told they will get the visa in a weeks time.

    When we track the passport in the VFS system, we get the message that the passport is not haned over by the consulate even after 1 week. We called up the consulate, we were told that there is some problem in the system and hence the passport will be sent to the VO who interviewd them and will come back. This whole process will take about a week. Any idea what could this be and what could be issue?

    Actually just to give a littel bit of the back ground.
    There was a mistake in my wife's passport, her last name was spelt wrong. we noticed this while taking the appointment. We however went ahed with the appointment hoping to change the name inthe passport later (at that time the wait time for appointments was 5-6 months). We changed the name but unfortunately they issued a new passport with the name change.

    When my wife went for the interview, she mentioned this in the first counter and they asked her to correct in the application which she gave. I guessed they would have made the corrections in the system as well.

    Thanks in advance for any help!