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client letter must? & Sample client letter please

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  • client letter must? & Sample client letter please


    I have approvared H1 and I am appearing for the visa interview soon. I read in the forum that the VO asks for the client letter and the itenary of services. Can any one please give me the sample client letter and itenary of services? Do we need them compulsory?

    Our company in US told me that it is not a practice anywhere for the clients to give the letter with the name of the person required to work. Is it correct?
    Instead of client letter, our company wants to give me the copy of the purchase orders they have with their clients? Will this be sufficient for the interview?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Can any one answer my question please?


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      Client Purchase Orders shall be sufficient and ofcourse to the consular officer you need to demonstrate your skills & relevant job experience to suit the requirements . VO's generally don't expect any client letters in your name. Their only intent is to verify that you are going to start work (& paid!!!) once you reach there and so they look for company credibility/finacial status. It is advised to carry company tax returns, company photographs, some project description/marketing analysis documents along with the purchase order. It is also adviced not to carry purchase order of another consulting company!!! Generally a PO from a company which involves in product development is suggestible.

      **General advices based on my previous experience only!

      Wish you all the best.
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        Purchase Order

        Hi prashanth,

        My wife attended H1 interview and she got 221g asking for client letter, project details, contract between petitioner and client.

        Petitioner have arranged for Purchase Order my question is same as yours Is the PO alone is sufficient or is there any other supporting documents needed?
        Company which is willing to give PO is not ready to give other supporting documents and he also states the PO is more than enough to the consulate for the fresh H1b stamping. please clarify.

        Please help me as early as possible.



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          H1 B Consulate Interview

          I have got H1 B stamped in September 2006 after getting 221(g) initially in March 2006. Actually, to get H1 B from Chennai US consulate is little difficult. But it is easy too if you have all the documents intact. For example, if you are joining the US company (no indian branch), then what kind of company is? Is it a product company? If yes, are you going to work in that product? If yes, product's complete requirement specification, functional design, your role in that product development, competitors description, phase wise costing, deployment schedule etc should be included in some document. Also, you must aware of your roles and responsibilities. First time my interview went for 25 minutes, next time it was for 45 minutes. Sometimes if you are lucky enough then interview time can be 5 minutes too, depends on the mood of the consulate. If you are going to work for client, then client document is required. Again a letter from your employer about your roles and responsibilities, project description, duration, team size, technologies should be clearly defined in the letter. I can not tell you the format because after 221(g) I got 500 pages of document from my US employer and consulate kept that with himself. (My bad luck, I havent xeroxed it). If you are married and planned to go to US with family, then it is an added advantage in the sense that if you go for H1 B stamping along with family members and if you dont have client letter, then chances are that you will get H1 B stamped hassle free. Consulate never ask too much questions and issue visa quickly. I went alone and got 221(g) first time. Once 221(g) is issued then one should be very very careful. We should not give chance to consulate to issue 221(g) again. Hope this information help you guys.


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            Thank you very much for your information.