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Got my visa finally!! Was under AAP - additional administrative processing.

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  • Got my visa finally!! Was under AAP - additional administrative processing.


    I received my passport and visa today. My file had been put under AAP since the last 45 days. But the strange thing is that the AAP list in the Chennai consulate webpage still mentions my status as 'under processing'. I guess they have not yet updated their list as yet.

    My visa class : H4
    Duration under AAP: 45 days
    Color of 221G form given initially: PINK
    Reason for AAP: I dont know.

    My initial visit to the consulate:
    My interview lasted for about 25 minutes. The officer went through my previous F1 visa denials and also my background. She then looked through my H4 papers and then said that she has no problem in issuing me a visa but my file required some additional administrative processing. I asked her how long it would take and she said, " Three weeks". She handed me a pink form with 221G on it and stamped a seal on the back of my passport which said 'application received' and wrote the letter 'G' on that seal. She then handed the passport back to me. She did not keep any documents with her.

    My file number appeared on the PINK form AAP list on the consulate website a week later with the words 'under processing' next to it. Seeing many similar cases here on this forum I was expecting it to take a long long time even though I was told 3 weeks. The AAP list has cases still pending processing since 2004 and 2005.

    Then 2 weeks later I received a call from the consulate by phone. They said that they would like to re-interview me and gave me a date and time and asked me to come in directlly.

    My second visit to the consulate:
    When I went there, I was made to wait about 3-4 hours inside in the main hall after the submission of my documents. Finally a senior officer opened a window and asked for me. Here again I was grilled about various details about myself and my whereabouts. He finally said," Your file still requires some further administrative processing. We will contact you once we are done"

    I again asked how long it is going to take. He said I dont know....It may take a month or even more than that. I asked if there was anything to expedite this and he said "No". I asked if I could call inbetween to enquire and he said, "No". Then I said, "So u say that I should patiently wait to hear from you....." He said "Yes". He gave me back all my documents like before. From this I understood that my AAP was not related to any document verification. But this time he kept my passport with him in that file.

    Finally today one month after my second consulate interview, I received my passport and visa by courier. I read on this forum about people asking whether one should contact the consulate by emails or phone calls inbetween to enquire about the status of their AAP. I did not do any of that. I just left it to them to issue my visa whenever they please and kept waiting. I guess I was lucky. I wish all who are still waiting good luck too.

    The Pink form AAP list was updated on the chennai consulate website a week later and my file number was removed from that. Just mentioning this as I wanted to state that the status of my file went directly from "under processing" to being removed from the list after I received my visa. Mine did not have other affirmations like "contact consulate" or "send itinerary" or send ppt and DD" etc next to my file at any time. Of course since my ppt was with the consulate already this wasn't necessary. I hope my experience helps and brings some light to others who are in a similar situation as mine. Goodluck anyway and wishing you the best.
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