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H1b - all documents needed from petitioner 221g

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  • H1b - all documents needed from petitioner 221g


    I got 221g asking for the following documents. collecting all these documents asked to drop in VFS drop box.

    Contract between petitioner and end client,
    Client letter stating that there is a vacancy,
    Complete Itinerary services,
    Photos of interior and exterior client job site,
    Detailed project description and technical description of the project, team size, timeline and current status.

    My Petitioner A is having a purchase order from another consulting company B, In Purchase Order it states that I will be working in the end client MNC company C. on so and so project and roles and responsibilities...

    MNC company Cs outside photographs. No interior photographs bcoz of security reasons.

    Agreement between my petitioner A and B.

    Is this is enough to produce to consulate? or Client letter from MNC company C is needed? (which is highly impossible)

    And there is no detailed project description.

    please give me your suggestions.