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I want to cancel my H1B.Do I have right?

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  • I want to cancel my H1B.Do I have right?

    Hi All Members,
    My petition has been approved but Now I want to cancel my petition(H1B)
    I have two reason for that
    first My Mother is suffring form Paralysis and I dont want to leave her alone
    Second Reason is I put one **** certificate during the filling the petition.
    So Please I am requesting all of you to please let me know I can cancel my H1B
    petition or Not?
    if I cancel it and next year apply again for H1B and get another petition then Will it affect my status because I will be having a H1B rejecton
    Will consulate know that Last time what documents were I put while filling my petition?
    Many Thanks

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    First of all u attend the counslate and get the visa done.
    Then go to US after one year.
    Only thing is u need to convince u r employeer that u r comming to US after one year.


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      Cancelation is possible.But if ur pititioner wants.But don't attain interview with **** doccuments.If caught u will be inillegible for any USA visa.
      But I don't know what is the effect of cancelation in ur future career.
      Ask ur employer too the details.