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Wedding Photos in the Visa interview

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  • Wedding Photos in the Visa interview

    Hello everyone.

    Mine is a love marriage (not approved by elders) and do not have wedding photos (with the important ceremonies) as our marriage was solemnized in front of the registrar of marriages. A few of our friends attended the registration but apart from this, we just have the certificate from the local govt body to prove our marriage.

    Would it be an issue if we dont present any photographs to substantiate that we have been wedded? Would the VO during USA visa interview get convinced if we show photographs with just we both in it? I have been jittery on this issue alone. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    My appointment is scheduled in chennai. Not sure how the officers would buy in that we are legally married. (We are indeed legally wedded!)

    Please help!

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    dont worry.....u can explain your case to the VO and they will accept the Marriage cert. as a proof. It is not compulsary to have weding album as a proof of marriage.



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      Thanks a ton!! Your suggestion is indeed boosting my morale. Since it is the only chance for us to prove wedded, my wife and i have booked the same appointment for the interview. This way, we could tell the visa officer that we are indeed wedded (any questions about the spouse to each of us would be answered).

      My fears -

      1. Can our case be subjected to 221(g)?? In which case, I cannot prove more adequately than what I have evidence as the marriage certificate in my hands today
      2. Can the VO approve my H1-B and give 221(g) to my wife?

      Any more suggestions would be appreciated.
      Thanks is just a word to show my gratitude to this forum, but i am deeply indebted for the help offered on this forum.


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        please help!! wedding photos in the visa interview

        Hello All,

        Could someone please share their experiences like I am facing now. Your suggestions are appreciated.