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Successfull Visa Interview at Mumbai

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  • Successfull Visa Interview at Mumbai

    Hi All ,

    Im really happy to let you all know that I cleared my Visa Interview on Nov 24.

    The interview went like this :

    VO: Good Afternoon,How are you doing ?
    Me:Am good , How about you ?

    VO:What is your job responsibilty in USA?
    Me: Configuring Systems and Software, design , develop,test and Document programs on XXXX technologies

    VO:How many years of Exp have you got ?
    Me:2.5 years

    VO: What is your Qualification ?
    Me:B.Tech( C.S.E).

    VO:Are you married or Single ( he checked it in my DS-156)

    VO:Are you going to work on any special software ?
    Me:Yeah ..explained a few lines about the project .

    VO:Ok sir, we will send your Visa in 2,3 days

    Oh I could not believe my luck..did not even ask for my I129 nothing ....I was so happy ....literally screamed ....Happy weekend ...

    Pray god before you go for the interview....it works....