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Urgent Help Needed, Subramanya/Seniors Plz Help....

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  • Urgent Help Needed, Subramanya/Seniors Plz Help....

    Hi Subramanya and all Seniors,
    I have my H1B Visa Interview in Dec and need Urgent help:

    I have been working with a software company from 2.5+ years and have got H1 B approved now with a US company but:

    1. When the US Company filed my petition I submitted a Resume in which 2.5+ exp was mentioned along with 1 year prior experience. This 1 year experience wasn’t genuine and as now I am near to my H1 B Interview I am thinking of removing it so my questions:

    - Can I change my Resume now? (i.e. remove 1 year experience from it) If Yes then will the Visa Office have record of the Resume submitted at the time of petition filing along with my Experience certificate which was submitted by me?

    - Will it be advisable to change the Resume now and take it for Interview or should I go with what was submitted at the time of Petition filing?

    I will appreciate any help on this, Thanks in advance!!!!