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H1 transfer without paystubs

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  • H1 transfer without paystubs

    I got my h1b approval reciept just a week ago. I have not begun any project as of now. My current company has not even been able to get any interview for me. I have been able to interview at a few places and might have an offer from another company (on a project). Will paystub be an issue? Will I be able to transfer H1 wihtout any paystubs?

    I got my h1b approved in Oct. Will it be a good idea to go ahead and get a social security number? In case, I approach dept of labour (as my current employer has not been paying me on bench) can my current employer cancel my H1. I mean will it be a good idea to wait to approach dept of labour until I have got h1 transferred?

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    yes you can transfer you H1 if you not yet starts your work.
    if you want to know more let me know ..



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      No employer pays on bench. The ones that do pay on bench will have you laid off and cancel your H1 if you are not billable. Most companies will ask you to pay for the H1b transfer - approx $2400. Its not worth it. Just apply for your social security and keep looking for projects.


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        is there any time limit?

        hello all.
        is there any time limit for h1 b holder when they are in US to get project?
        if i come to US and if i dont find project, is there any legal time period for me to get into project?
        iam on h1 in US and did not get a project past 2.5 months. my employer told me that he will send me back if i dont get a project within 80 days of my coming to US.
        please help.