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completed 6 yrs h1 now in Home country .....

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  • completed 6 yrs h1 now in Home country .....

    We stayed in US under h1 for 6 years,Didn't apply for GC. Now we are in India We are planning to get back to US under a new H1 after a year break{another 6 months more). Now My husband's new employer in here wanted him to go to US under b1 visa for 3 months.here the q is whether his stay for 3 months under b1 would it jeopardise our new h1 process after 6 months.b'cos they say that we have to be away from US for a whole year after 6 yrs completion of h1 to come back under new h1..
    please can anyone help?

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    I presume it implies to only H1B. If he comes on H1B then it will jeopordize everything !