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221 g - attended intv in Chennai, now I am in Singapore

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  • 221 g - attended intv in Chennai, now I am in Singapore

    I have attended my interview in Chennai for H1b Visa on September 1st .

    During that time consular verfied my details and gave me 221(g) blue form, asking me to bring my children along.( I applied for H1B from singapore and I heard that children below 14 years are not required to be in the interview, having that impression, I did not take my children along during my interview ). and consular said it is must for children to be in the interview and asked me to come on 5,6 or 7 september along with my children.

    I took my children on 5th September and this time it was different consular and he also gave me 221(g) asking for Client letter and this time he asked me to put it in the VFS drop box.

    I did spoke to my employeer and he had sent me the required letter.

    My question is I am in Singapore (I got my Permenant Resident in Singapore).

    How Can I proceed to submit my document to VFS drop box ? since my passport is also required and I am overseas ( I am working in singapore currently).

    do I have the option to submit my details( my Visa Application and other documents) in Singapore ?


    Can I send copy of my passport ?(instead of original)


    Can I send my orginal passport via Post to VFS ?

    Appreciate your valueable comments and suggestion for my case.