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    I came to USA on Company A H1B Visa. My wife and kid also got H4 Visa (Company A). After coming here, I have changed my job and company B is holding my H1B. and I haven't got stamped for company B H1B so as my family. Recently, My wife and kid had to travel to Inida. Can they come back without any problem during US immigration? I would like to know whether they need to go again for stamping or not.

    I will be very thankful for the reply.


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    They can come back to US with the old visa... but they should have the new petition approval to show to the officer at the point of entry in US

    ....I am saying this by personal experience....Not a legal advice....


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      H4 visa doubts

      Hi Friends,

      i want to apply H4 to my Wife and children’s, i have some doubts

      I read what the necessary documents are,

      i am a H1b holder. I am going to send

      my pay stubs
      bank statement
      employer letter

      any thing else support or necessary documents tell me please

      and my h1b expire on Oct 2007, they gives the H4 visa depending on my H1b visa validity, generally how many years valid H4 visa they gives?
      recently change the free for Non immigrant visa?

      Thanks in advance