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H1b Question . Urgent

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  • H1b Question . Urgent

    I got my 1st H1B in Feb2003 . I came to US in March 2003 and stayed till 30th Dec2003. Came back to US In september 2004 . Since Visa was expiring applied for the H1B extension in November 2005 . Some how my petetion and I94 only extended till August 2008. Not sure why ? Does that mean I am eligible to file extension once more for H1 , since my 6 years won't be completed till my this petition expires?

    Here's summary

    1st H1b -Feb2003
    Out of USA Jan 2004-Sep 2004
    Filed H1B renewal in Nov 2005.

    Visa and I-94 extended Aug2008.

    Please help me , I am planning to change my Job in March2007 , but this will allow me very less time to apply for my 7th year. Is this a mistake ?or I can file an amendement to get this corrected? By above information , is it possible that my H1b will be extended thrid time ?

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    Could some body , please help me ?