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  • H1 Transfer Pls Help

    I was living in USA on H4 visa till I got my H1B approved in Oct 06 from Company A. Because I did not get my SSN till end of Dec 06, my company did not put me on payroll. As per my company they will put me on payroll from Jan 07.
    Now I am willing to trasfer my H1 to Company B.
    My concerns are:
    1. Am I out of status as I do not have paystubs from Oct 06?
    2. Can a "leave of absence" letter from Company A save my 'out of status' situation?
    3. Can I file my H1 transfer with the recent 2 paystubs which I will get in the coming weeks.
    4. What other problems can I face in such a situation?

    Pls help. Waiting for reply.