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Got 221g Form Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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  • Got 221g Form Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Please Seniors help Me!

    First I would like to thank immihelp.com and all the people who post there exp. Its an wonder full site please keep up the good work.

    My Visa Interview time was 8.00 AM, I reach embassy at 7:30 AM. After long waiting they called each applicant and arranged the folder and given a token number. There was a heavy security inside and outside the embassy.

    Visa interview started at 10:15 AM; first counselor took finger print scan.

    Q: Counselor: Hi
    A: Answer: Hello

    Q: Answer: Good Morning
    A: Counselor: Good Morning

    Q: Counselor: your first name is XXX
    A: Answer: XXX is my sir name and my name YYYYY

    Q: Counselor: Why do this Indian passport people do this mistake always like this
    A: Answer: Well yes you are right you can see my other booklets its some time they write XXX in Last name or given name

    Q: Counselor: any ways
    A: Answer: OK

    Q: Counselor: First I will take your finger prints.
    A: Answer: did accordingly

    Q: Counselor: I can see in your form (DS-156) you had a visa in YY and did not go why?
    A: Answer: After the stamping I call the company to inform them I have got the visa, at that moment they said ok from today you have three months to fly to US, then after fifteen days they call and said we have a urgent project and you have to fly in three days, to which I replied well I at least need more fifteen days to complete my notice period of one month then only I can fly. After that I have call them many times, always they said please wait then nothing happen.

    Q: Counselor: How did you apply to this job
    A: Answer: I had registered my CV on Dice.com, from there they got may CV and contacted me

    Q: Counselor: exactly when it was
    A: Answer: Its may be December or January

    Q: Counselor: Who called you
    A: Answer: Mr. XXXX and Ms YYYYY

    Q: Counselor: who first
    A: Answer: Ms YYYYY

    Q: Counselor: are you sure
    A: Answer: Yes

    Q: Counselor: how they contacted and what was the interview procedure
    A: Answer: first they call and explained that they have a vacancy for Programmer Analyst & asked me whether I am interested to come to US and join XXX. And then I had attended three rounds of interview, first two was all technical & then the last was HR

    Q: Counselor: what is the salary they are offering
    A: Answer: VVVV

    Q: Counselor: Wow, and how much you make here VVV
    A: Answer: No its WWWW

    Q: Counselor: how many employees US employer has
    A: Answer: XX

    Q: Counselor: All H1b
    A: Answer: Yes

    Q: Counselor: what education you have (he was looking into DS-156 form
    A: Answer: Bachelors of Commerce Computers

    Q: Counselor: that’s all
    A: Answer: yes

    Q: Counselor: For which company you are going to work
    A: Answer: XXXX

    Q: Counselor: where is this company
    A: Answer: XXX

    Q: Counselor: have you been to XXX place before
    A: Answer: No

    Q: Counselor: where are you staying in Saudi
    A: Answer: Jeddah

    Q: Counselor: On what computer & software do you work?
    A: Answer: I am working on IBM AS/400, Windows 2003 server, BPCS ERP software

    Q: Counselor: What is AS/400
    A: Answer: This is a midrange server computer

    Q: Counselor: You mean (he showed his PC) computer like this connected to server.
    A: Answer: Yes may be you have Unix server, AS/400 is a server

    Q: Counselor: from how many years you are working
    A: Answer: eleven years

    Q: Counselor: from how many years you are in Saudi
    A: Answer: plus ten years

    Q: Counselor: ten or eleven
    A: Answer: ten years

    Q: Counselor: you start here with AAAAA company.
    A: Answer: No, I started with BBBBB, then I joined AAAAA.

    Q: Counselor: can you tell me when did you start your first job & where
    A: Answer: after finishing my degree in 1996 my first job was in Bombay

    Q: Counselor: current company name
    A: Answer: NNNNN

    Q: Counselor: do they have any project (US Company) or they are calling just like that
    A: Answer: Yes, they do have a project, called LLLLLL. For client Name MMMMM

    Q: Counselor: what is that can you explain
    A: Answer: explained brief about the project.

    Q: Counselor: can you explain what this BPCS software for
    A: Answer: this is an ERP software solution for Manufacturing, Supply chain and financials, Payroll.

    Q: Counselor: briefly explain what is the procedure example
    A: Answer: Suppose a trading company where they require Sales system, Invoicing, Purchasing, Financials (he said OK fine) I was explaining more he said fine its ok.

    Q: Counselor: who are the clients for the company
    A: Answer: they have both government and private sector clients

    Q: Counselor: can you name few
    A: Answer: IBM, Oracle, Crysler motors, Toyota, sir I have client list if want to see?

    Q: Counselor: yes show me
    A: Answer: I was taking out the list which I printed from XXXX web site, by seeing that he stopped me saying that I can also take from internet that list no. no I don’t need that.

    Q: Counselor: sir please you have a seat I will call you again.
    A: Answer: called after 15 minutes

    Q: Counselor: you will work where
    A: Answer: XXXX co

    Q: Counselor: you will be based in BBBBB
    A: Answer: Yes

    Q: Counselor: what was the client name you said
    A: Answer: MMMM

    Q: Counselor: Sir I need to do administrative processing on your case which will take approximate two weeks since it’s a holiday season.
    A: Answer: O.K but sir I have all the documents with me like client latter, contract, LCA,
    (Counselor: He stopped me and told me no sir I don’t need any documents) I said even H1 petition you don’t require sir. He said I have a copy of your petition its fine I can do my job on copy. He starts writing 221g. Here I tried to ask him do you need any thing like my certificates or any thing else ( He Said no sir I am convince with you & I know are able for job but want to make a routine check on this company we do this for all H1b’s normally)

    Q: Counselor: we will contact you on telephone with in two weeks (return back my passport and retained my Form DS-156, copy of petition, with the bank deposit slip) then he said, you can send all the required documents by FedEx or this paper will allow you to come to embassy with out appointment.
    A: Answer: OK. Thank you, have a good day.

    Note: He did not ask for any documents just my old passport and he was writing few of my answers on a white paper.

    Please seniors help to understand this process what could be the reson for 221g and what could be the result.
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