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Need urgent advice on H1

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  • Need urgent advice on H1

    Hi all,

    Currently I'm on L1 visa which is valid till June 2007 with Company A , working for the client B of Company A. I have been here with the same client for 4years. This year I applied for a fresh H1 with Company C. I have got the approval for H1. Right now my current client B wants to make me as permanent employee I badly want to accept the offer. Is it possible for me to stick on with company A for another 4 months ?
    what happens if to my H1 approval If I dont get it stamped my April 2007 does it become invalid ?
    I heard that we can only transfer H1 from one company to another if we work for the 1st company at least 3months is this clause mandatory?

    If in case the client B is ready to apply a new H1 for me is that possible for me to start working right from the time the H1 is approved or do I need to wait till Oct 2007 to work for client B?

    what is the best thing I could do?

    It would be really helpful if someone could be answers to my queries.