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Successful story after Tx, RFE,221g.

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  • Successful story after Tx, RFE,221g.

    I got all the documents from my employer 1rst time on 24th Oct 06 and appeared consulate for interview on 3rd Nov 06.

    After normal entry procedures, I reached counter no.4, one American fat (specs) lady VO.

    VO: what are you going to do in this company?
    ME: going to work as a Programmer Analyst.
    VO: are you going to work in client place or in house project?
    ME: am going to work in XXXs internal product.
    VO: typed something in her system, asked is it 18 employees company ?
    ME: Exactly.
    VO: Can I have the tax returns of the company?
    ME: gave those.
    VO: within 2 secs, she said from the Tax returns I can say they are not doing any internal product.
    ME: No ma’am. Am sure they are developing this product.
    VO: do u have any other documents related to this product?
    ME gave all the docs related to product.
    VO: nothing is there to prove that this product is developed by XXX. Do u have any patent copy of that product?
    ME: No Ma’am.
    VO: I can promise you they don’t have any product to employee you (YYY is not the product of this company, I think they are misleading you). They are going to put u in bench and once they get the client they will send u to the client place. So you are going to STUCKUP in U.S.
    ME: listening all those stuffs.
    VO: so you have to get all the(11 documents under petitioner) from your employer in this 221(g).
    ME: OK
    VO: once you get all the documents from your petitioner, you have to verify that whether you got all of them perfectly. If any one of the required document is missing, then your case will be rejected (said twice). Put all the documents in Drop Box address which is mentioned in this form.

    * My employer provided all the 11 documents + product patent as a supporting doc, My employers docs are really geniune. I got all the documents after 1.5 months with some typo error(16.12.06), couple of days later I could able to get the revised documents(18.12.06). I reviewed all the documents nearly for a week, I found some more errors. I informed to my employer, He was really irritated. He replied they need some more time, they didn’t send any mails till now. I decided to change some of the documents by myself and I dropped at 11:45, 27th Dec 06. once I come back home I checked vfs site, showed “Your passport is not handed over to vfs yet, please contact local regional office”.
    I checked the site next day as well, but no change. On 29th morning too, but around 11:30 AM I checked the site. I showed “Your PP is ready to be collected at local vfs center 1600-1700hrs, otherwise your PP will be dispatched to courier office”

    I went to VFS to get my PP thru rush service. once i got my pack, I opened infront of the vfs´s one of the counters itself, I took my PP and checked... By god's grace I got my Visa...............................

    I believe in GOD

    you can reach me [email protected]

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