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Got twice visa but could not go..does it matters?

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  • Got twice visa but could not go..does it matters?

    Hi guys i got two times H1B Visa .Initially i got it in 1999 and by that time i got visa(infact delayed by 6 months as they have sent my degree certificate for Anti fraud unit) by that time the project is over as the project is on Y2k Issue and had got time frame to fix it.so my employer asked me to check for another employer and further said he may not able to provide employement on my skills by that time as i am just a cobol programmer by that time so i could not go. Second time i got visa during the period 9/11 2001.That time though i got visa the market is very bad and there are lot off layoffs happened and being my employer is startup company in USA and he could not survive and they eventually they did not responded to me even,So i did not want to take risk and i could not go.more of where ican go?which is not legal.
    Now again iam having H1B papers filled by some what good org having 150 employees and iam supposed to attend interview.In this regard i wanted to ask you guys what could be their strategy?If i tell these facts will they consider or not ? But direct question is If they Issue Visa does it mean that we need to Go USA by hook or cook by bearing unnessary risk and that to when things are not in shape.I appriciate your valuable answer in this regard.
    More of this current employer considered only my 7 years of experince in java and j2ee but they did not considered my cobol expereince for 2 years. and like wise they have mentioned in my papers. What I do? I guess probably they may have to pay more for my experience ..if they consider 2years of cobol expereince.
    These are the two mail Questions iam having....
    I request and appreciate your valuable advice

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    all the people are just seeing my post but not replying..

    Dear all
    I found H1 aspirants are just seeing my post but not replying..