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Lied in visa interview- help please.

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  • Lied in visa interview- help please.

    Please reply me, its urgent.

    During my H1 interview, I declared myself 'unmarried' in the DS 157 and answered 'unmarried' to the marriage status question by the Consulate.
    I am affraid that one of my 'known' is about to complain with proves about my misleadidng the consulate as I was married 15 days before the interview. Can you tell me what could be consequences? Will this affect to my greencard or future H1, if Consulate come to know about my lie?

    Later I managed another marriage certificate which may also be reported as ****. I know it was a serious fault committed by me.

    Please guide, I am very tensed as both marriage certifiecates with my complaint are to be reported to the embassy in India.

    Thanks in advance- Sangeeta.

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    dangerous...**** info

    Yea, this is the problem, at any point in time they come to know that you gave wrong info in non-immigrant visa form ,then you may be asked to leave USA for whole life. You are safe untill they do not know actuals and nobody asked to verify ur records or open your file...