Dear all,

I'm getting married in Calcutta in Feb end of 2007. My future wife has already submitted the required amounts in HDFC bank for the visa application fees. I went online to set up an appointment for her, and amazingly see that there are no appointements available from feb 15th till October. After October, the system doesn't go any forward, so couldn't figure out whether there are dates for November/December etc.

What is really amazing is that few months back I was reading in news that in every consulate they have put in more people to process visa faster. And Januray-February 07 has plenty dates available. Doesn't make sense that everything is suddenly completely not avilable after that.

Checked Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai consulates (I know that my wife can only apply from where she was a resident for the last 6 months, but just checked), and the system there doesn't event go past February 07

Is that a faulty temporary website, or do they don't allow visa interviews to be set up more than 2 months down the road? Any ideas.

Thanks in advance