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I-94 Problem, please advise

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  • I-94 Problem, please advise

    We've applied for H1B Extension on October 12,2006. It got approved on January 12, 2007.
    The Validity dates are from 02/04/2007 to 06/07/2008. My employer received the H1b Approval notice in the mail on Jan 19 2007.

    I was in India from Dec 30 2006 to Jan 21 2007. They were not able to mail me the Original Approval Notice before I travel to US, I just had a Copy of the Approval Notice.

    As I don't have the Original Approval Notice the Officer gave me I-94 valid only up to Feb 13 2007. But my Approval Notice has an I-94 valid from 02/04/2007 to 06/07/2008.

    Now I’ve 2 I-94's with Different Control Numbers(one from entry into US and other from H1B Approval). Which one is valid?

    Can I stay in US after Feb 13 2007 or do I need to get new I-94? How can I get the Updated I-94?? And my visa expires on Feb 03, 2007.

    Please advice.