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H1b Transfer - During 7/8th Year Extension

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  • H1b Transfer - During 7/8th Year Extension

    Dear Friends,

    Here is my situation. Presently I have H1B Visa extension approved for 7th year since my labor application in under process. I don’t know the situation when my labor would be approved and move to next step of filing I-140.

    But based on recent discussion, my client is willing me to offer full time position (Currently working as contractor to Client). Usually they don’t sponsor H1B but in my case they’re willing do so.

    Here are my questions

    • Can I take full time position at clients place by doing H1 transfer ?
    • I understand that Client needs to process my H1 and green card process. What I was thinking is let them do my GC process 1st by filing my labor. Since perm process is fast and might get approval in 3-4 month, apply for I-140. After approval of I-140, I get H1B for 3 years. How do I get my H1 transfer to this client?
    • Any other suggestions. I need to change my current employer ASAP. For this I am ready to reset my process of GC again.

    Let me know you’re valuable suggestions