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pls help me - urgent help needed

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  • pls help me - urgent help needed

    I have an offer for H1 sponsorship from a CPA firm . i needed to know whether i am eligible to file my H1 papers. i have a Bcom degree. i am also a chartered accountant from india and also a CPA. i have worked in india for 6 months after i qualified as a chartered accountant. i believe if u have only a 3 year degree (like Bcom) then u must have 3 years work experience. is my CA articleship of 3 years counted as work experience?? am i eligible to file for an H1 in my situation? i would really appreciate it if someone could me on this urgently since i needed to finalise the employment. The employers say they dont think it should be a problem but a lot of people say it can be an issue. pls help me. thanks a lot.