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Subrmanya or Senior Pls Help Me -H4

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  • Subrmanya or Senior Pls Help Me -H4


    I got my H1B visa in Spetember,07. and I got married in december. Now am planning to move US with my wife. Since its almost 5 months I got my H1B visa, will there be any problem in getting H4 visa for my wife?

    Should I go along with my wife to the embassy?

    Will I-797 form and Letter of employment from the company am going to work are enough?

    Since I won't be having payslips for the job in US, What are the other documents that are required for H4 visa?

    What are the questions that will be asked at embassy for H4?

    Thank you

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    You can apply for her H4. You don't have to go there. She can go alone.

    Look at the documents at https://www.immihelp.com/h1-visa-stamping-documents/
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      h4 visa

      Dear spreddy

      It's better to go after 3 months.because same situation happened to my wife.
      consulate people will ask several paystubs and bank statements.my wife got 221g.


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        Hi ,

        I also have a similar situation where my husband holds a H1 visa and I am planning to go for my H4 in a months time . We are planning to move to US together once my H4 is through .. Hence I do not have any pay stubs , tax returns, bank stmts etc of my husband .

        My husband is planning to leave India by May end and I am also planning to join him then ...

        Chan, can you please update us in which consulate your wife attended her H4interview?


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          got H4 Visa


          My wife got H4 visa... she has attened in Delhi... Since am still working in India... I have asked my wife to carry my current company payslips and bank statments.

          The questions asked for my were very simple...
          1.Did he ever go to us
          2 marriage date?
          3. R u planning to go together?
          4 how many people attended ur marriage?
          5. was that in a funtion hall...
          6 they have asked her to show the marriage certificate and I-729 form

          thats it....

          Thank you
          Shilpa Reddy