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Urgent !!! H1B 221g Questions

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  • Urgent !!! H1B 221g Questions

    Have a question about 221g's issues for people involved in Technology related business or research in the US. My husband is currently in India and was there primarily to get his H1B visa stamped. He has a Masters & Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley and has started working with a Hi-tech (note : non IT, but advanced technology) firm in the Bay Area. He had all his documents in order for the interview, except for a Questionnaire which per the VO needs to be filled out by people in a Technology related business or research (could apply for H1B holders or even students applying for F1's). The VO did mention that they will try speeding it up, since my husband is there for 2 weeks only. But we dont really trust that given the time its takes for such things. The Mumbai consulate website mentions it could take upto 2-3 weeks. I have some questions -
    1. Has anyone recieved a 221g on the same grounds ? If so was it for an H1 or F1 ? How long did it take to process the case ?
    2. My husband is qualified for the job, his employer is a Fortune 100 company with turnover in $BB. But is there still a risk of his visa being denied/cancelled completely ?

    Any response will be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Similar experience

    Although not directly relevant to ur case, my parents, who are both professors in science in india had attended the interview recently for a visitors visa. Since both of them were in a technology related field, they were given a questionnaire which they filled out and sent via email. After 4 days, they got an email from the consulate saying that the AAP is done and they need to send their passports and the visa came in another 3 days or so. So in our case, it did not take that long.

    However, having said that, i know a few friends (PhD's) who have waited for one month to get the clearance when they went to renew their F1 visas. So its a question of time but they'll mostly get the visa. I dont think there is any reason to worry about it....

    Hope it helps..


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      Hi Happy123,
      This definitely helps. I was doing a little more (I confess !!! A LOT of research on this today) and notice there is a Technology Alert List, which needs to be cleared/checked, in instances where the person might be working/studying in the technologies mentioned in this list. Its a good thing to hear that your folks got their AAP done in 4 days. I am curious - where did they go for their appointment ?

      My dad is also facing the same problem. He went to Chennai (my hubby went to Mumbai). In my dad's case, his being a former test pilot in the IAF was bad enough, add to that his Ph.D in Defense & International affairs. This got him stuck/pending and it has been status quo since Dec 11th 2006. I was worried, my husband's H1B would run into similar issues. I am praying it gets doen soon, like the 4 days for your parents. Anyway thanks for your input !!



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        Hi - I am glad it helped. Believe me, i had done an enormous amount of research on this topic on the net and was mentally getting prepared for a long wait. Fortunately, by the time i was done with all that, we already got the mail from the consulate asking for ppts. So i should say that we were very lucky.. BTW, my parents had attended the interview at chennai on Dec 18. In case you dont hear from them for abt a month, then i believe you can contact the consulate/DOS/NAS and there is a lot of information about this process on the net. I am sure you must have figured all that out by now...

        Yes, your answer rests all the concerns i had in my mind when i posted the question. I am in the same situation as ur hubby was last year and thank you so much for your help...

        Thanks again...