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H-4 Overstay by a minor

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  • H-4 Overstay by a minor


    I am on H1-B visa [Expiring on 11/30/2007].

    My son, 14 year old, visited India and returned to the US in April 2005. Inadvertently the visa issued to him at Mumbai consulate was based on my prior H1-B and not the current H1-B. So, his passport has the prior visa date and was issued I-94 based on that date.

    I noticed the error this week. Unfortunately, the I-94 has expired on 23rd July, 2005 and this is over and above the 180 day time period.

    My visa, rather status is valid. How can i remedy my son's expiration of I-94?

    All legal advise is greatly appreciated. Any one who has faced a similar situation and would like to share their experiences is most welcome.