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OPT to H1 question

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  • OPT to H1 question

    Hello friends,

    I am currently in OPT status under F1 visa. My OPT will expire on July 1,2007. The company where I am working will apply for my H1 B visa on april 1 this year but even if my H1 is approved I will have a time gap of 3 months between when my OPT will expire and my H1 would start.

    Now the scenario is that my company is willing to send me to India for 3 months and I can work from there.

    Another scenario is that I can change my status from OPT to F1 for 3 months and I dont have to leave US.

    Anyone can kindly suggest me whether what would be a better option in terms of Immigration Issues ?....

    I am worried that if I goto India for 3 months, My H1 B might not be approved from Chennai (where i will go for stamping).

    Please suggest me what to do? .Is it better for me to stay here and change my status for F1 for 3 months or is it ok to goto India and come back on October ? Mainly please let me know if it is risky to goto India because I have to goto stamping in chennai office in september...

    thank you.