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  • h1b visa information

    hi friends

    my husband is in germany as( student visa )in this year 2007 april applied for h1 b visa in germany as general processing ...my questions are

    1)how long it take to get an approval letter if he gone through general processing? nd from which month the USconsulate start processing ?

    2)after getting approval letter can he immediately attend for interview? is there any prob in getting appoinment in germany ?

    3)can he get visa stamp in germany it self ?

    4)after getting h1b visa stamping can he com to india nd take me as dependent (h4 visa)?

    5)will i get dependent visa or any problem if my husband does not provide pay slips while applying h4 visa?

    6)is that compulsory that who ever get h1b visa stamping should go to usa from that country only?? ex:stamping in germany or can go to usa from any other countries?

    7) wat will be starting date nd month for entering to USA for joining in usa company for work? is that on oct 1 2007??

    8)one of my friend said that to get approval letter it take 2-3 months of processing i mean (mostly in june or july ) is that correct ? .will APRIL also considered as processing time or period as 1 month??

    plz reply sooooon i hope this site help me a lot

    thanking u