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H4 extension and I94 while not in US

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  • H4 extension and I94 while not in US

    I am in US on H1 visa and my wife was here on Dependent H4(from Jun 2006). Then, I changed my employer on Oct 27 2006 and my new employer filed for my H1 transfer alongwith my wife H4 extension I539 on Oct 27 2006. But for some immergency case, she has gone to India on Nov 15 2006. Now I got mail from USCIS asking Proof of Evidence for my wife's H4 for supporting documents(I94 copy). Last date for submission of I94 is May 04 2007. But the problem is that she has returned her I94 while travelling to India and I don't have any copy of previous her I94. Due to this my H1 is still in pending status.
    Now I have various questions coming up in my mind. She has return ticket to come US on March 08 2007. Will she be allowed entry in US, based on my previous employer stamped H4(valid till Jan 2008) ? How should I response to USCIS? I would appreciate early response and help.