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bank balance to h4 visa(urgent)

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  • bank balance to h4 visa(urgent)

    sir i am sooooooooo confused

    i got married in 2005 till now i am in canada for getting h1b visa so i recently got h1b visa stamping in canada for USA and i directly came back to india to apply h4(dependent ) for my wife .......is there any problem to apply for dependent for my wife ? is there chances to get h4visa to her if i wont submit payslips?

    actually i want to show my bank balance which is held in hyderabad for taking care of my wife by not creating any problems in future but i had 5 lakhs in my bank a/c .........is that enough ? orelse can u please tell me the minimum amount should be shown in my account so that i submit the bank statements to usconsulate (chennai )at the time of interview .......................

    reply soooon sir

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    If you have not travelled to US on H1b, then, there is no need to submit any pay slips because you don't have any. Moreover, the Bank balance in India doesn't make any difference. You don't need to show any bank balance in India.

    The VO should get convinced that you have valid job offer with you to support your wife. That's it.

    This is my personal opinion.


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      bank balance to h4 visa(urgent)

      thank u sir for replying for my message