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  • H1 clarifications

    I have few of questions

    1) I was in H1B for 3.5 years and moved to H4 about 2 years ago. But in the mean time I got EAD thru my husband's green card processing and started working. Not with the new law about decoupling, if I plan to apply for H1 again thru my employer, will the time spent in working using EAD, be a problem?

    2) I have filed for H4 extension last week. My employer is planning to do premium processing for H1 next week. So if H1 gets approved first and then after 2 months if H4 is approved, what will be my status. What can we do to avoid the confusion.

    3) I have 8 years of experiance and a 4 yr Bachelors degree in engineering. If the job requires minimum 5 years experiance can my employer apply for green card under EB2.

    4) My husband's H1 is extended based on green card processing. If I-485 is denied what are the chances of getting H1B cancelled. Currently it is valid till 2010 March. Our 6 year limit is complete by this march 10.