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doubt regarding my h1

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  • doubt regarding my h1

    I filed H1 visa in 2006.I left to India in August 2006.During my H1 approval I was in India.I returned back to United states in January 2007 on H4 visa.My H4 visa expired in January 2007.
    So what can I do in this situation.Can I again apply H1 in 2007 qouta.Is that option possible for me as I filed it aready in 2006.Or do I need to cancel the H1 that I filed in 2006.Please help me to get out of this situation.Can u please suggest me how I could proceed at this point.

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    Since you got back from India on an H4 visa, your last years' H1 is already invalid. Did your husband apply for an H1/H4 extension? If yes, then your H4 is valid. So you can re-apply under the new 2007 quota in April for a new H1.