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  • h1b1 visa

    i am a physical therapist from india. i got a job offer to work in us and signed up with the company.i have completed all the requirements to file for h1b this year.initially company planned to sponsor my the tourist visa to usa to appear for the board exam. i cleared the interview .i got 10 year multiple entry visa.now the company has changed their plans. they say now i have to apply for h1b1 visa. i couldnt understand the plans . please anybody could tell me the chances of getting h1b1 visa.

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    h1b gives you the right to work and get a salary
    b1/b2 does not - you have no legal working status and cant get paid
    that is what the company ment when they said they changed their plans
    do not worry about the touist visa, at the consulate they may not cancel it. keep in mind that you will have only one status while in US - either tourist or H1B
    good luck and do not worry!


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      Even there are cases, they might ask "can i cancel the B1". Think and tel what u need? If u need both make your mind to say an answer that gives both the Visa in your hands.

      All the Best.
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