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  • H4 Supporting Documents

    Hi All,

    My interview is scheduled next month. As per the site https://www.vfs-usa.co.in I have got all the supporting documents like :
    1.Passport, visa fee receipt issued by HDFC bank and interview appointment letter.
    2. The original Notice of Action Form I-797 of the Principal Applicant.
    3. If Form I-797 is a blanket permit, copy of Form I-797 and original Form I-129 and original letter from employer that describes your proposed duties.
    4. Photocopy of the Principal Applicant’s valid visa (if applying separately).
    5. Original Marriage Certificate (for spouse) along with your entire wedding photo album.
    6. Original Birth Certificate for child.

    My Question is :
    1. As per some site which i referred they have also including the above documents mentioned that Pay Stubs, Bank Statements documents, IT return.

    Can somebody help with wat actually documents are required of the Principal applicant.

    2. What dress code is suitable for the interview... saree or salwar kameez?

    Please reply, need your help.
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    Its always a good idea to carry your husbands' Pay Stubs, Bank Statements documents, IT return. There is no dress code for the interview. I've seen a lot of H4 applicants wear salwar when they go for the interview.


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      Is original I797 required

      Hey..My wife is going for h4 visa ,.next week. Is original I797 of mine is required ? I gave the copy of I 797 to her.

      Did any one go in this forum with copy of I797 rather original I797 for H4 visa.