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H1 aspirant says 'Good BYE' to viscious circle

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  • H1 aspirant says 'Good BYE' to viscious circle

    Hi all,

    I had taken the interview on march 06,2007 to submit the documents raised thru 221-G query.

    Can u guess wt happened...its the same thg...thy took all my docs.made me wait 2 hrs, then VO called me and dint even allowed me to talk a word..she said the Tax sheet given by ur epmployer is not as what we expected..Hence am sending all the docs to USCIS and the petiton is revoked.

    I showed the proj spec..she din even bother to see tat and took it from me..later gave my passport back ....she said "better luck nxt time" ..i said "OK"...this is the word i spoke...

    But she din give me any document to notify that my petition is revoked e,tc...But here in ths forum ppl get handouts written as petition cancelled or revoked..i am confused on this??

    when thy issue handout for petiton revoking??

    Now comes the imp thg...With the same TAX SHEET one guy has got visa from delhi consualte for my company...whn a tax shet is ok in delhi ,will it not wrk in Chennai???? wts happening in chennai ?? chennai VO's SCUK..

    The reason behind this is

    1)If i was rejected based on my performance in interview i can say its bad comparing delhi & chennai...but i was rejected for TAX shet which is proved unfit in chennai while the same got approved in delhi.
    2)Then I was not even allowed to speak a word to give my opinion on this tax sheet
    3)We dont know what a Tax sheet means in US, hw does the VO expect us to comment on this asking if i know this is proper or not??

    Moreover i don understand the logic of 221-G ..whn the consualte is not happy about the company giving a job ...why the HELL do they approve the H1 petition..????
    they can easily check the comapnies reputation during the petiton filing & reject cases there ...

    Its coz for each petition the government is earning money , but they cant allow all aproved guys come in..hence they screw us in the Visa..

    None of the Country has ths much of pressure in Visa issuance...

    I have deiced to say GOOD BYE to this H1, which already made me to stay sleep less for many nights..

    Lesssons learnt:
    1)DOnot apply H1 thru any desi consualtants
    2)try to Ride ur best of the luck

    guys, this is personal view & nt to make u fear....everyone has their own luck.

    Best phrases in this forum which i have come accross holds good here
    'case to case basis'


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    Hello CBZ,
    You are absolutely correct.

    Never ever apply H1B from these desi consultant. Most of the time the geninue canditates suffer a lot. The best option is to file H1B from big concerns, which is always best.