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H1-B Visa Extension

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  • H1-B Visa Extension


    My H1 visa is expiring in July 2007. I came back to India in JUly 2006 and could not go back for some reasons. I was wondering if my H1 is still valid and if I can get it re-newed ?


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    h1 extention

    At present if you are not working with the employer that sponsered you that H1 , then that employer is suppose to inform the INS about your termination of the employment . Now if he has done that , then INS might have terminated your visa. In that case if you are out of USA, then you will not be permited an entry . How ever if he has not done that, then there is a chance that you might be able to enter USA on that same visa status as you still have it till july 2007.
    Now to get it extended further to that you will have to have some employer file it for you the same way it was done the first time. Even after the gap you had , if the same employer is ready to employ you , then he can file an extention for you.