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    MY I-140 got approved last month and the current priority date for EB3 category is May 2001 for India.
    Priority date for my application is 10th oct 2003,Can anybody suggest how much time it might take for it to get current.
    Any body whose's priority date became current , can they please share, that how much time do they have to wait for their priority date to get current..

    thanks in advance


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    Employment-Based Second Preference / EB2
    The employment-based second preference (EB2) category is expected to remain at its current cutoff dates for nationals of India. These dates have been stagnant at January 8, 2003 for India for a few months.

    Employment-Based Third Preference / EB3
    No forward movement is expected for the employment-based third preference (EB3) category. In fact, as predicted in the March Visa Bulletin and confirmed by Mr. Oppenheim, there is a strong possibility that the EB3 numbers will further retrogress, or move backward. This is expected to occur in the summer of 2007. This backward movement is based upon excessive demand for the limited supply of visa numbers. This will adversely affect nationals of India and China.

    The EB3 priority date will most probably move backwards from May 2001 to Dec 1999.