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Tricky situation for H4..need help

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  • Tricky situation for H4..need help

    Hi all,

    I am on US H1 visa and it is valid till sept 07. I then moved to Australia for few months(5 months by end of march) on work permit of Aus. I got married in Australia and my spouse is also on work permit in Aus. I want to come back to US and get H4 done for my spouse.

    My question is:
    1) Will it be a problem to get an H4 since i was working in Aus for the past 5 months.
    2) I can produce a "leave of absence" letter from my US company and I have all the W2s/pay stubs in order for the time I worked in US. Will the missing paystubs for those 5 months be a problem?

    we are planning to go for the stamping in US consulate in Australia only. Will that be a problem?

    kindly suggest as needed

    Thanks in Advance