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Help Needed regarding H1 cancellation

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  • Help Needed regarding H1 cancellation


    I have got myself in to trouble by applying for B1 while holding a valid H1. Could you please give me your valuable suggestion regarding this?

    My consultant in US had fielded H1 petition for 2006 quota and I got my H1 in January 2007. I was planning to travel to Us in July this year. Same time my current employer asked me to file a B1 and went to Chennai to get my B1. The VO cancelled my H1 without asking me and told me that my B1 is issued. But when I asked about my H1 visa cancellation she got bit irritated and told that she is not going to issue my B1 also....

    Now my doubt is:

    Can I again try for my H1 using my existing petition? It was approved in October 2006. Is it okay to go for my H1 interview with the same petition? If it's possible is there any time line before which I have to go for the H1 interview? Your advice on this will be really great help for me.

    Thanks and regards,