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  • H4-h1

    I appreciate that we have this great facility to clear confussions, thanks to all who spends their time to reply.

    I am on H4Visa with expiration date(Oct 2007), and got my H1b on Oct 2006. and my husband got his H1 extension in Dec 2006,I had not applied for H4 Extension because my H1b was approved.
    Now I am going to India for stamping, here my question is,
    If unluckily my Visa gets refuse will I be able to come on the same H4 Visa which is valid till Oct,2007 OR I have to take appointment for H4 again and get stamp again?
    Please reply me Thanks in advance.


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    Re: H4-H1

    If your H1B Visa is refused, you need make an appointment for H4 again.

    However, the possibility of H1B being denied is almost zero if you prepare it well.


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      Thanks for reply!!
      I got your point but a quick question, You mean to say that my H4visa (valid till Oct2007) is canceled the day my H1b approved?


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        Re: H4-H1

        You're right. Your visa status in USA must be unique.

        By the way, you'd better prepare your H1B Visa appointment well and in great detail so that it won't be refused.


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          H4 - H1

          Thanks!! your replies are really helpful.

          I am well prepared for the H1b stamping but I am just worried about the pay stubs. I actually got project in January 2007.I will be having my 04 or 05 paystubs with me Jan-Mar, so I am worrieng about that only, weather they will ask me about the Oct06-Dec06 schedule or not? and what should I tell them about that if they will ask?

          your reply will be highly appreciated...


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            Re: H4-H1

            3 month pay stub is more than enough.