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H4-H1 (Please help me)

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  • H4-H1 (Please help me)

    Hello ,

    Can any one help me out for this question?. My problem is that iam on my H1 now(which was approved on oct 2006) but i have my H4 till nov 2007.If at all i want to go to india on my H1 what documents do i need to take to get the stamping done in canada & how many months pay stubs do i need to take & how much amount should i show in my bank account? I am planning to go to india in May.

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    Re: H4-H1 (Please help me)

    3 month pay stub is enough. It doesn't matter how much you show in your bank account.

    By the way, your H4 becomes invalid right when your H1B is valid.


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      Thanks for your reply!
      But the thing is i worked in NOV,DEC,JAN but i did not work in FEB and again i started working in march from 15th so is it enough if i take march (1/2 month),april,may paystubs and go for stamping in june 1st week is it fine? Till then?


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        Re: H4-H1 (Please help me)

        It's enough if you take March (1/2 month),April and May pay stubs.