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got h1b approval letter

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  • got h1b approval letter

    hi friends thanx for giving such a helpful answers as nd when we all get problems nd giving such a gud ,soon reply for the quaries ......as my quaries are
    i got married in 2005 till now i am staying in germany for applying h1b visa...

    i got h1b approval letter and planning to go for interview on last week of march 2007 after i get h1b visa stamping in germany i visit to india for applying h4 visa (dependent) for my wife ............as i am in germany nd my wife in india we both cant apply for h1b nd h4 visa togeather ...so thats i planned to apply first for h1b visa nd then going for h4 visa as my quaries are

    *is there any problem if we apply individually i mean first getting h1b visa nd then going to h4 visa for my wife ?

    *what are all the documents should i take at the time of interview fr h1bvisa?

    *after i get h1b visa can i immediately apply for h4 visa for my wife? when i visit to india. and friends i need the documents listed for applying h4 visa

    * the most requirements for me is documents for h1b interview and

    documents required for h4 visa for my wife................

    reply soon friends